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Posted by TerdBurgler - November 28th, 2020

By Goddess, what a hell of a journey it's been... It's kinda surreal to see who I am today. I'm trying to get back into creating regularly but a lot of my days are spent just coming to terms with all the little things. At my core I'm still the same TB but in a lot of ways, I've completely changed. I'm single again for the first time since my twenties, I'm in full control of my life and I'm actually setting a direction instead of just going where life takes me. I'm making plans, I'm being responsible and I'm doing better about championing for myself. For fuck's sake, I'm finally living as the person I always wanted to be instead of just accepting the gender they told me I was. I am Elizabeth! Every day feels like it comes with new emotional hurdles and accomplishments and I'm still going! I am still working on Warrior of the North Wood because it's a project I love and once I'm feeling a touch more stable in my art, I want to get back to streaming. If I can get past a very big mental hump I may even start hopping on mic.

The key takeaway is that I'm still here and I'm still kicking. I've got a lot of healing and growing to do so please be patient with me but I ain't stopping. I still have a lot left to give.



Posted by TerdBurgler - July 6th, 2020

I know it's been a while since I posted an update and I'm sure many of you have already noticed that the itch.io link for Warrior of the North Wood is down. I was keeping things quiet as I took stock in my life and after a couple weeks, I realized I had to make some very difficult decisions.

To make an otherwise long story shorter, I'm going to be divorcing my partner of 14 years. The relationship just wasn't working and I have to move on with my life. I'm also going to resume work on Warrior of the North Wood. That said, there are still legal things to go through and I'm currently staying with family and have nowhere to setup my computer so new content will have to wait for a while but I know I'll be a lot more productive now more than ever. But until I get a job and a place of my own, everything artistically will be on-hold. Thank you all for your understanding and patience. I'm sure I'll be back in no-time!



Posted by TerdBurgler - March 8th, 2020

After attending my first Furry Convention I can confidently say...

It's not for me. I met some new artists, attended some good panels, bummed around the Art Jam room but by Day 2, I quickly found I was running out of things to do. I didn't really click with anyone and soon, a strong sensation of feeling alone in a crowd set in. I ended up leaving early on Saturday feeling utterly depressed. Everyone else was having the time of their lives and I couldn't help but feel like I must have been doing something horribly wrong to not be enjoying myself. By Sunday, I didn't even want to go back to the convention space.

Before I continue, there are some important notes for context. I went to the convention alone and I had to travel to get there. I didn't have a car and I was in the Overflow Hotel which was a 10 minute walk through ~40 degrees F with rain and snow to get to the venue. That may not be very cold to you but I'm from Vegas so it was pretty darn chilly for me. Furthermore, with the Covid-19 scare, many of the artists and panelists I was hoping to meet canceled. 

Despite this seemingly perfect storm of bad convention experience, it doesn't really change the core issue: I just did not feel like I fit in at all. I know how silly that may sound as the Furry Scene is supposed to be for everyone but that only makes the problem worse. What on Earth must I be doing wrong to not fit in with the most accepting group out there? I must have looked just as out-of-place as I felt because I kept having parents or friends who got dragged to the event approaching me to talk- which was nice to have someone to talk to but I was hoping to meet other furs. One could make the case that wearing big, fluffy ears, a tail or partial suit would help make the distinction but the thing is, that's not me. I don't have a fursona and I don't feel like I need to express myself as an animal. I'm an artist and I like to create Furry Media- that's about the extent of it.

In the end, I felt isolated, alone and often wishing I was on the other side of one of the tables. The artists were the crowd I felt I had the biggest connection with and I wanted to be showing my work alongside them instead of just cycling through the Den and Alley over and over again because nothing else interested me. Ultimately, my takeaway here is that furry conventions are just for a different Demographic than me. I may still do a Table or two at various conventions or if there's a lot of folks I know going to one con and it isn't to expensive for me to make it, I may still pop by. But for the most part, I found that going to a con just to attend is not for me.




Posted by TerdBurgler - November 21st, 2018

Welcome welcome, Tumblr Refugees. Worry not, you'll be safe here. I've been posting Furry Porn here since 2008.



Posted by TerdBurgler - July 23rd, 2011

I've effectively been off of Newgrounds for a while now but I finally got me an Art Scout again so I'm back in the Saddle. I'll still be posting my favorite works here, and you can always catch the majority of my work over at www.furaffinity.net/user/terdburgler. Granted, this place may have far more haters than... well, anywhere I've ever posted art, I know I've gathered a lot of fans here and I'd hate to keep them all hanging. Besides, we all know how haters are, and their stance on the continuation of their hating. Either way, see you NG peeps around!



Posted by TerdBurgler - April 26th, 2011

I went unscouted again. It's irritating and it's really hard for me to keep caring. At this rate, Newgrounds will merely be a site I check as an after-thought. There may be days to weeks in delay before I check this place for uploading art. I'm just sick of dealing with the crap.


Posted by TerdBurgler - January 28th, 2011

Okay, I'm really starting to get sick of this. Is Newgrounds just THAT anti-furry? I mean, I find a lot of people that are furry fans here on NG. I've made a decent name for myself as a Furry Artist here and yet this is the fourth time that I've been un-scouted. Doesn't help that I am given absolutely no information as to WHY I've been un-scouted. At least the first couple times, they explained it was due to content violations (which was bull-shit anyway since there's MUCH more adult content on this site by higher-profile artists that are glorified). It's just so irritating that I have to go through this again and again on NG. I would have stopped uploading on this site a LONG time ago if it hadn't been great exposure. It's just that the methods for getting scouted, rules for uploading and poorly written and regulated rules are an absolute mess, especially for a site that has such great rules for governing flash content.

I don't mind the trollers. I don't mind the haters. I'm used to it. What I can't stand is callous administrators that glorify a double-standard.


Posted by TerdBurgler - September 7th, 2010

Okay, I post a VERY small portion of my overall works here on Newgrounds. As a means of communal criticism, NG is fairly lacking. Often, comments are degraded to such blurbs as "Sucks" or "OMG! I just jizzed in my pants!" On top of that, it's much harsher on content, specifically when it comes to adult-themed art or small flashes (not full games, just dinky things to play with). With all of that in mind, it's understandable that a majority of my works aren't featured here. Now, I've gotten plenty of PMs on the subject and I figured I'd just clear that all up right here. There are a handful of websites that I post on, but one where I post the vast majority of my works. My favorite site, and also the one where I have the largest following, is FurAffinity.net (Yes, a furry site). But you can also find me on deviantArt, SoFurry and InkBunny. I'll post links to each one below.

TB @ FurAffinity
TB @ deviantArt
TB @ InkBunny
TB @ SoFurry

And don't ask the obvious question of "Why are you on so many furry sites?" Over 90% of what I draw is furry and that's where people tend to not freak out when I draw it. :P


Posted by TerdBurgler - October 13th, 2009

Go un-scouted again. This has to be the... third time?

Either there is something wrong with the system or somebody must really have it out for me. Either way, I'm still going to remain persistent when it comes to the art portal. I've got a mission after all! Like many others, I am rather confused with Newground's hypocritical stance on Art Portal content. On one hand, we have a website that glorifies adult flashes. Not only is there a section of the website dedicated completely to adult material, but we commonly see adult features poking into the top 50 (See Jinks Hentai Parody).

Flip on over to the Art Portal. Any amount of art that borders on adult is abolished immediately. Even something as simple as a tight outfit seems to commonly qualify pieces to be rated M and even something as simple as an exposed buttox (which can even be shown on television) immediately earns you an A rating. Now I'm not going to ridicule the system too much on that point, but I have this to say: Newgrounds has a specifically ADULT section. By default, users are blocked from this section and non-users cannot even access it. You have to be a registered user that is of appropriate age and checks that they want to see adult material in order to view it. Now, with all these safe-guards in place AND the blatant show-casing of adult material in the Flash Portal, why is it so innapropriate to feature images of an ADULT nature in the ADULT section? Instead, artists like myself find that I have to censor myself to post my favorite works.

So I play by the rules. I never posted anything overly sexual. No pornographic dipictions of anything. Only artistic nudes and my clean pics. Quality certainly isn't an issue here, if you read any of my fan reviews. They are doing quite well. Instead, because I'm a furry artist, my work continues to get lumped into the Porn section and I get my scouting revoked once again without even so much as an explanation as to why. Yes, every single time I have been un-scouted I have not been given an explanation as to why. But I am not done yet.

I'll continue to submit images and I'll get re-scouted. I'll push the boundaries even if it's just slightly. One day, I just hope that Newgrounds nuts up and realizes it's blatant oxymoron. They need to let real Adult work into the Art Gallery or abolish Adult Flashwork.

Posted by TerdBurgler - June 25th, 2009

I know most people will likely recognize me from my Beach Linda flash, but long before I ever did any amount of animation, I was an artist. Now I personally would qualify myself as a Furry artist, but that's not to say that I exclusively do furry art. I dabble in anime from time to time and even try realism (although I'm never satisfied with the results). Still, I do animations when the inspiration strikes me which isn't as often as I know many of my fans would like.

You can find me on deviantART and FurAffinity,net if you want to see my full galleries (including short animations). I'm only gonna post a handful here.