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The Rest of my Works

Posted by TerdBurgler - September 7th, 2010

Okay, I post a VERY small portion of my overall works here on Newgrounds. As a means of communal criticism, NG is fairly lacking. Often, comments are degraded to such blurbs as "Sucks" or "OMG! I just jizzed in my pants!" On top of that, it's much harsher on content, specifically when it comes to adult-themed art or small flashes (not full games, just dinky things to play with). With all of that in mind, it's understandable that a majority of my works aren't featured here. Now, I've gotten plenty of PMs on the subject and I figured I'd just clear that all up right here. There are a handful of websites that I post on, but one where I post the vast majority of my works. My favorite site, and also the one where I have the largest following, is FurAffinity.net (Yes, a furry site). But you can also find me on deviantArt, SoFurry and InkBunny. I'll post links to each one below.

TB @ FurAffinity
TB @ deviantArt
TB @ InkBunny
TB @ SoFurry

And don't ask the obvious question of "Why are you on so many furry sites?" Over 90% of what I draw is furry and that's where people tend to not freak out when I draw it. :P


Comments (6)

hahah. Yep that's Newgrounds for you.

Ill be expecting more of ya art in the future then, last chance to own justin the wolf.

You're still around huh? I figured you were one of the NG'ers who just disapeared without explanation.

i herd u like furryz

-cough cough-@matt- are you serious? ARE YOU SERIOUS?your probably doing that for a joke but that just makes people think your stupid!

anyway burgler, cant wait till you make more flash animations! your great! keep it up!

-red needle-

too true