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Adult artist, animator and programmer, TB is an avid fan of the Furry Genre.

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You know? I feel ya... kinda the same with me... everytime that I go to conventions (anime in this case cuz... I don´t have the money for a furcon or something like that and yes I'm a furry too)

the thing is every time I attend to events like that I just... fell alone, depressed... I don´t feel like I fit in that site... I don´t have friends that likemthe same sh*t as i do... and well I always go all alone, but you know? you have us your how can I put it? your fans? yeah i love your artwork

I got to know your work when I was starting in the Furry Community with Beach Linda and the Enema one... and i got to say... if i met you i would be your friend if you want nwn

so do not feel alone ok? we are here 4 u nwn

Slowly and gently leaping into the world with no feeling of belonging anywhere!
Don't worry about it :)

We've all had that feeling. Don't worry about it. You gave it a try just to see if it worked out. That's what experimentation boils down to: figuring out what works and what doesn't. Don't beat yourself up over it and just keep doing what you enjoy doing.

Being an older fur, 20+ YEARS in the fandom, i know that feeling. I am constantly asked who im there with..or that i am so awesome for supporting my kid. Then when i explain myself, folks just disappear. I go to meet artists, buy some art and support them, maybe see a panel or 2 and then i am out..gotta do what works for you!

hey we your trust fans ya got alright we apperciate your work you matter to us ya put a smile on my face everyday