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My Fur Con Experience...

Posted by TerdBurgler - March 8th, 2020

After attending my first Furry Convention I can confidently say...

It's not for me. I met some new artists, attended some good panels, bummed around the Art Jam room but by Day 2, I quickly found I was running out of things to do. I didn't really click with anyone and soon, a strong sensation of feeling alone in a crowd set in. I ended up leaving early on Saturday feeling utterly depressed. Everyone else was having the time of their lives and I couldn't help but feel like I must have been doing something horribly wrong to not be enjoying myself. By Sunday, I didn't even want to go back to the convention space.

Before I continue, there are some important notes for context. I went to the convention alone and I had to travel to get there. I didn't have a car and I was in the Overflow Hotel which was a 10 minute walk through ~40 degrees F with rain and snow to get to the venue. That may not be very cold to you but I'm from Vegas so it was pretty darn chilly for me. Furthermore, with the Covid-19 scare, many of the artists and panelists I was hoping to meet canceled. 

Despite this seemingly perfect storm of bad convention experience, it doesn't really change the core issue: I just did not feel like I fit in at all. I know how silly that may sound as the Furry Scene is supposed to be for everyone but that only makes the problem worse. What on Earth must I be doing wrong to not fit in with the most accepting group out there? I must have looked just as out-of-place as I felt because I kept having parents or friends who got dragged to the event approaching me to talk- which was nice to have someone to talk to but I was hoping to meet other furs. One could make the case that wearing big, fluffy ears, a tail or partial suit would help make the distinction but the thing is, that's not me. I don't have a fursona and I don't feel like I need to express myself as an animal. I'm an artist and I like to create Furry Media- that's about the extent of it.

In the end, I felt isolated, alone and often wishing I was on the other side of one of the tables. The artists were the crowd I felt I had the biggest connection with and I wanted to be showing my work alongside them instead of just cycling through the Den and Alley over and over again because nothing else interested me. Ultimately, my takeaway here is that furry conventions are just for a different Demographic than me. I may still do a Table or two at various conventions or if there's a lot of folks I know going to one con and it isn't to expensive for me to make it, I may still pop by. But for the most part, I found that going to a con just to attend is not for me.




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You know? I feel ya... kinda the same with me... everytime that I go to conventions (anime in this case cuz... I don´t have the money for a furcon or something like that and yes I'm a furry too)

the thing is every time I attend to events like that I just... fell alone, depressed... I don´t feel like I fit in that site... I don´t have friends that likemthe same sh*t as i do... and well I always go all alone, but you know? you have us your how can I put it? your fans? yeah i love your artwork

I got to know your work when I was starting in the Furry Community with Beach Linda and the Enema one... and i got to say... if i met you i would be your friend if you want nwn

so do not feel alone ok? we are here 4 u nwn

Slowly and gently leaping into the world with no feeling of belonging anywhere!
Don't worry about it :)

We've all had that feeling. Don't worry about it. You gave it a try just to see if it worked out. That's what experimentation boils down to: figuring out what works and what doesn't. Don't beat yourself up over it and just keep doing what you enjoy doing.

Being an older fur, 20+ YEARS in the fandom, i know that feeling. I am constantly asked who im there with..or that i am so awesome for supporting my kid. Then when i explain myself, folks just disappear. I go to meet artists, buy some art and support them, maybe see a panel or 2 and then i am out..gotta do what works for you!

hey we your trust fans ya got alright we apperciate your work you matter to us ya put a smile on my face everyday