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The Fight Goes On

Posted by TerdBurgler - October 13th, 2009

Go un-scouted again. This has to be the... third time?

Either there is something wrong with the system or somebody must really have it out for me. Either way, I'm still going to remain persistent when it comes to the art portal. I've got a mission after all! Like many others, I am rather confused with Newground's hypocritical stance on Art Portal content. On one hand, we have a website that glorifies adult flashes. Not only is there a section of the website dedicated completely to adult material, but we commonly see adult features poking into the top 50 (See Jinks Hentai Parody).

Flip on over to the Art Portal. Any amount of art that borders on adult is abolished immediately. Even something as simple as a tight outfit seems to commonly qualify pieces to be rated M and even something as simple as an exposed buttox (which can even be shown on television) immediately earns you an A rating. Now I'm not going to ridicule the system too much on that point, but I have this to say: Newgrounds has a specifically ADULT section. By default, users are blocked from this section and non-users cannot even access it. You have to be a registered user that is of appropriate age and checks that they want to see adult material in order to view it. Now, with all these safe-guards in place AND the blatant show-casing of adult material in the Flash Portal, why is it so innapropriate to feature images of an ADULT nature in the ADULT section? Instead, artists like myself find that I have to censor myself to post my favorite works.

So I play by the rules. I never posted anything overly sexual. No pornographic dipictions of anything. Only artistic nudes and my clean pics. Quality certainly isn't an issue here, if you read any of my fan reviews. They are doing quite well. Instead, because I'm a furry artist, my work continues to get lumped into the Porn section and I get my scouting revoked once again without even so much as an explanation as to why. Yes, every single time I have been un-scouted I have not been given an explanation as to why. But I am not done yet.

I'll continue to submit images and I'll get re-scouted. I'll push the boundaries even if it's just slightly. One day, I just hope that Newgrounds nuts up and realizes it's blatant oxymoron. They need to let real Adult work into the Art Gallery or abolish Adult Flashwork.

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dude I'm with you I have seen alot of people say they like your art and I'm one of them keep making this stuff and you will be at the top of the NG roster.

-Since the Art portal is so new, adult artwork is probably frowned upon at the moment. If you've ever read the FAQ, you'll know that adult submissions in the portal that reach frontpage status are often removed quickly. This is due to the fact NG staff members want to please the companies that advertise on here. Tom wants NG to maintain the facade of a 'clean' site. If we let every piece of adult art slip by, what would make us any different from an adult flash site? Considering not everyone appreciates furries, your work may be considered distasteful. I know it may be a stretch to believe, but that is one possible explanation.
-Another reason may be because people are reporting you as abusive. The FAQ states that 'humorous' adult art is welcome, but 'pervert-bate' art MAY be crossing the line. I think they need to clearly state what IS and ISN'T suitable. -You're probably being reported for some reason though. It's interesting that FatChaos is getting away with sexual scenes. His art involves dragons, but isn't a farcry from furry work like yours. This leads me to believe someone may indeed be out to get you...

Totally with you. It makes no sense for a pretty much 1/2 adult flash site to not host Adult art also. Its so hypocritical! Good luck with your ventures.

i think this is just one of many examples of the hypocracy going around. I swear that there is someone out to get you, because a LOT of the adult stuff I have seen in the portal isn't even humorous OR artistic. And I know that a couple of other artists do adult anthro and they are still scouted. But I believe that it has to do with the fact that you seem to have no one to back you up. Clearly what needs to happen is that your fans should step up to find this person or persons responsible. This is just a suggestion though (maybe because i hate to see art continuously censored, or maybe because i have drawn something like that) At any rate, people need to stop jumping on the censorship bandwagon and take a minute to think about the big picture. You host adult flash, which coincidentally is VERY easy to get to if you search terms such as hentai, even for non users, yet you ban adult artwork in the adult section, double standard much? It is a bit iritating to see great artists get unscouted for this, however Pablo Picasso said it best, "...Painting is not done to decorate apartments, it is an instrument of war." so there is always bound to be disagreement. Ultimately, keep fighting man because one of these days Newgrounds will be singing a different tune. And on the upshot, you make some badass flash and i will back you up on that and your art.

Thanks, chum! While I may not have many allies here on Newgrounds, I seem to have a small following.

NG is a frustrating place in general. The people who enjoy the adult section are an odd mixture of horny pervs, elitist pricks who want to be judgmental and a small fraction of people who might actually appreciate someone's work.

It's an uphill battle but if NG allows adult material then people should either a) enjoy it or b) not enjoy it and stop looking and bitching.

Censorship is a shame.

I completely agree with you. Now, i do not claim to be knowledgable as to the state of affairs in the Art portal, my artistry skills bordering on noob level compared to yours, but from what you're saying i completely agree that Newgrounds should do something.

It's just yet another double standard in life that i completely abhor, hypocritical people who can't see past their norms, can't live outside their comfort zone, aren't willing to step one foot outside their own little bubble to see the real world at all.

I'd say that i wish i had your talent with artistry, but then i wouldn't be appreciating my own skills at authoring fiction, an area which i am very proud of. If you're looking for someone to appreciate your work, you have at least one person right here. If there's one thing i've learned from writing, it's not to stop doing what you love, no matter what someone else says.

Keep up the great work!

Terdburgler! Thought I would drop my opiniong into a penny for youre thouts box :3
I love youre work thoh I try to avoid the YIFF! -I said try damnit XD- Anyway yeah not all of youre art is adult and i know it is hard to get scouted...really hard actually...Damn man i have 9 art submissions and not a one of those have been scouted yet...sorry off track yeah i like youre work especialy that linda sailormoon i liked it! and you know what? Im a fan of youre art! (Actually I learned how to draw furrys off youre cleaner drawings. Stay cool keep trying! AND DONT GIVE UP! -Thumbs up and Plox-

one sentence: NG is for flash and audio, not for art.

I'll risk getting the book thrown at me. Your a good artist, and you arn't breaking the rules. I'll draw some Beach Linda if you wish. Merry Christmas. =)

I saw what you did and I was really impressed! Thank you so much for that!

Oh... now I know why my art haven not been qualify... I thought it was because I not a very popular person in newgrounds XD but now I know it´s because the system, hope it changes later.

By the way, good art, keep it up.

Thanks mate! Newgrounds is a pretty rough place to get by.

The problem I've run into has to do with the ignorance of 15 year olds who just want to seem as if they're being an adult and fighting against something, in our case, our brand of art. The thing to remember is to just keep moving forward, no one can hold back change with just ignorance for very long. It's a very long process that takes a lot of self preservation and courage, but the community has come very far. The only thing I try to censor is Adult material which is a little more pornographic in nature by limiting it to my personal page instead of the Art Portal. I think it's really more of a respect thing for now, like being a guest at someone's house.

Your scouted now be happeh! :3

I am happy! But I also very rarely update my journals XD

Laziness is MY job *growl* :)

Awesome! you got scouted! EPIC WIN!!!!!!! XD
(sorry i'm kinda in a mood cause i just got a hold of some new campaigns for Left 4 Dead 2 and I likes me a day a killin' zombies.) Now that you seem to have more people on your side, i think you can make yourself known even more. Congrats man!

Must be frustrating... I'm sorry for you. I mean, I've seen pics that show much more than yours, but I don't see those people getting in trouble... Anyway, good luck, and don't ever give up! By the way, your character Linda is cute!~


i hear u men ur work does not contain pornografy and i also dont know why it goes to the adult section but who r we to quest that? i guess u should be happy that u have fans that watch ur art

i checked out the muture section before i had a acount and im 14 and i say so on my acount and its still good so..... wat are you going on about?

You had been scouted! i arent scouted this sucks. Btw what about a new game^^.

I wish Linda was real :(

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