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Adult artist, animator and programmer, TB is an avid fan of the Furry Genre.



University of Utah

Las Vegas, NV

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People fear what they don't understand, atleast most of NG seem to understand more now than several years ago, atleast based on avarage reviews on anthromorphic based submissions.

Either how, glad I could be of service, best of luck to you.

Here's how Newgrounds works:
75% furries
25% haters:
Haters: furries are faggots!
furries: Man, im too emberassed to talk about my sexual preferences, I should stay hidden and go somewhere else.
Result: It looks like nothing but haters.

Well, when i first came here, and saw your submissions, it pretty much turned me furry for a year lol. I'm not so much furry anymore, but i still love your artwork, and you inspired me to make a few of my own :3 besides, you seem like a cool guy, and you has nice work :D looking forward to seeing your stuff again, and welcome back :)

welcome ba- home :D

Welcome Back! There's a game for furries here at NG called Lugia's Adventure. Part of it isn't subbed.

man you gotta love haters someone stupid enough to look up sumthing to pound on it must be devoted

Hi TB :D

welcome back hope u bring more art and games for us

I hope you don't get discouraged by all of the haters. You have moe fans than foes.
I only have two things to request. More Alice, and an animated series.

I echo the sentiments of Rockah12. Thanks for continuing to post here at NG, and have a very merry Christmas, if your furriness allows it! It wouldn't be the same here without you.

My apologies for the long wait regarding an introduction. Pleasure to make your acquaintance babe, I hope that you enjoy my gallery and everything that my profile in general has to offer. an this person says i should come to you for a Bf for my Character Sabrina aivan you can look at her in my Gallery Hope to talk to you Soon Darling.

You didn't really leave me hanging, I just figured that I'd follow one of your other accounts.

I was happened to cross one of your drawings featuring Ri. In the description, you said that she'd be in a future game. Is that still happening of is it called off? Sorry if you've answered this to someone else or at another location, but I apparently didn't catch drift.

<a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/593806">http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/593806</a> &lt;- Remove space if present.
Thought it was Linda for a second. :P

Thank you for the new game! I realy enjoy your works :-)

big fan

are you still going to be posting things on newgrounds or are you done with it

Can I ask, Are you going to make another Beach Linda cause she's my fav furry after Blaze the cat.

@TheDubstepFreak Mad much? Lol.

e great art.

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