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Unscouted Again

Posted by TerdBurgler - January 28th, 2011

Okay, I'm really starting to get sick of this. Is Newgrounds just THAT anti-furry? I mean, I find a lot of people that are furry fans here on NG. I've made a decent name for myself as a Furry Artist here and yet this is the fourth time that I've been un-scouted. Doesn't help that I am given absolutely no information as to WHY I've been un-scouted. At least the first couple times, they explained it was due to content violations (which was bull-shit anyway since there's MUCH more adult content on this site by higher-profile artists that are glorified). It's just so irritating that I have to go through this again and again on NG. I would have stopped uploading on this site a LONG time ago if it hadn't been great exposure. It's just that the methods for getting scouted, rules for uploading and poorly written and regulated rules are an absolute mess, especially for a site that has such great rules for governing flash content.

I don't mind the trollers. I don't mind the haters. I'm used to it. What I can't stand is callous administrators that glorify a double-standard.


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I'm not sure that it's ALLL THAT anti-furry...
But of course, that comes from someone who doesn't submit furries on newgrounds, rather he submits madness... But would if he could draw correctly...


The people with talent are most often removed.
Please continue with your work despite ridicule and such other stupid obstructions.

Well u cant winum all i guess but dont let it take ur spirit away. I like ur art style and im a furry fan also so best luck too ya ;-)

I still think your works are awesome. They got me when I was stepping down from furrydom, and thus I was introduced to my two super-sexy vixens in the very tip of the furry iceberg. Anyhow, all furries are misunderstood because of SOME furries who take it too far. Like fursuiters. Those people just ain't cool.

Then again, it could be the errors stated beforehand, but also again, it might be admins who are super-antifurry like you stated. Maybe it'll go back later, all ya gotta do is hope.

Not sure what your complaining about, all your work remains in the portal. As far as I know you are still scouted.
Also NG doesn't hate furries, in fact it mostly is, have you seen the adult section? And don't get me started on which adult toons have the highest views and scores (legend of krystal with 500,000 AHEM).

coud not agree more i <3 furries

thats America for you,1 big double standard, but its got its good side

you should try putting more stuff on Here, Cause ive loved just about everything
\(------------------------%u035C ----%u25CF)

from one fur to another NG isnt what one would call the best place for furry art. im a long time NG user and a big fan of you and Zarla. i know you post alot of your work on here and on furaffinaty, but i'd like to also suggest e621 as well. though you may not get any awards on e621, you will develope a great following.

your on E-6 too arent you? I do enjoy most of your work. I agree that you arent even violating the rules as much as many other people do and they get away with it. Just know this, you do have fans out there that enjoy your work.

you're the best there is terdburler :P i've never been scouted (not that i'm much good) but i come every day to see if you have something new. hope they get to their senses :P

Newgrounds isn't anti-furry, It's Anti-Porn for a portion of NG. NG specifies in the rules anything pornographic showing anything underaged/child porn or anything of that sort, OR IF it is in a viable way for Minors to see it unintentionally(Fault on your part if that happens since you need to be careful on where you submit it) will be taken down almost immediately normally.

If that happens enough time they will delete your account after I believe 3-7 warnings depending on the severity of the said art. Another reason you shouldn't be into Porn if you plan to stay for a while. At the least blank out the parts if you're gonna post it if you don't want to take risks.

And to further state: I maybe 18 but be glad your page nor art came up randomly in my friends pages and results when I was 17 or under, NG would of hated you pretty badly for that(Since it is a federal offense in the U.S. which gives the U.S. FBI to pursue and prosecute people globally as well when it's a federal offense) anddd potentially thrown a Probation.

Me being unscouted was not due to pornographic content. This website still holds a fairly anti-furry sentiment. Now it has improved among the moderators since this was posted four years ago but I still get a reasonable amount of hate here for being "furry trash", "furfag" and other similarly derogatory terms.

And I wouldn't be held accountable for any adult material I post because it is all tagged appropriately. Any images I post that have any level of nudity or strong adult themes are rated as either A or M, both ratings which require a registered user to identify as over 18 and enable adult content. There's not much more I could do as a user to prevent underage minors from viewing this content.

Reply back from my comment on your post: No, actually the rating system works by what it shows and depicts. Intercourse, and the parts that are used for it(Vagina, Penis) would rate it A. M would be if it's showing their boobs or partial nudity.

Reply for this post:

Actually: If you put it A rating it normally restricts viewing to: "Warning this content contains:" so and so. If others see it at that point with that sort of rating, that's on them rather than you. But because of the non-correct rating, you do get held accountable then.