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I love nsfwo's models and you did a really good job with it! Very smooth and expressive. Well done.


That is just the right amount of fucked-up man! The style totally matched with the humor and the voice work was spot on. Well done all-around, bloaks!

You out-did yourself

Dang Akira, I've kept up with all your previous works and I've always been a fan, but I have to say you've really out-done yourself with this one! The song is awesome (hard to understand for us American chaps, but that's what the subtitles are for, right?) and the animation is at it's best ever. Fantastic job and I anxiously look forward to the next one. Keep spinnin' it!

Wonchop responds:



All I needed was the first two seconds of that flash to make my day. I could just listen to "Awesome the Hedgehog NEOOOOOOOWMMM" time and time again. Knuckle's part was great too. Probably too vulgar for MTV though. Great job none the less.

Egoraptor responds:

lmao, That's my favorite part too.


The best TN yet!

I've been a fan of TN for a while now and this next installment goes above and beyond expectations. Seriously, this is the funniest one yet. The whole time I was watching it, I was saying to myself, 'Man, this is prime-time television good.' Keep up the amazing work. I love this stuff!

Hot Diggity!

I was wondering when you would re-surface. I've always loved your animations. They just keep getting smoother and smoother. Good job on this one. Excelent animation, good dialogue, and a hilareous ending. Always a fan, keep up the good stuff!

Hey, great job!

Hey, great animation man! I'm vastly impressed. The sound was okay, the animation was good and the jokes were solid. I honestly didn't expect to see something this good tonight, but you certainly showed me. I look forward to any more episodes you might make. You have yourself a fine show that has 'Front Page' written all over it. Keep it up!

Andy-Parker responds:

Someone erased the words 'Front Page' and wrote 'Review Negatively' instead... damn whoever that was!

You never dissapoint, Vinnie

Vinnie, I've been following your work for a long time, and you remain to be one of my absolute favorite Newgrounds animators. I love your style, and your creative world is utterly fascinating. I only wish I could connect with the characters more. But I guess that's just part of the charm and intrigue that is inherent with your work. Every character has their own unique personality and style, and you get the viewer to connect with those characters, if only briefly. I love your work and I plead that you continue animating. And I would love to see some in-depth developing of your characters. They all seem so interesting.

You, sir, ROCK

That was a prime example of what makes Newgrounds the greatest place on earth! Excelent humor, amazing talent, and delightfull graphics all packed into a non-stop ride of fun and enjoyment. Did you ever know that you're my hero?

Dude, nice

Dang man, that movie was freakin' awesome! Great, unique song and delightfull animation to match. You got humor, you got talent, you're going to get somewhere, my man!

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