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Excellent game!

This is some outstanding work, my friend. You made a game with a fantastic visual effect and interesting gameplay. The physics and looks along really make this game stand out. I only have one minor complaint: Roll Roll Pirate gets a little too fast too quickly. It occasionally makes him frustrating to handle, especially in situations which require smoother movements. All I could ask is that you slow his top speed down a little and I feel it will make the game more friendly to other players.

Dont' get me wrong though, this is an excellent piece of work here! I'm only suggesting a slight tweak. If you continue this as a series, it would be really cool to see Roll Roll Pirate start jumping.

A good game

This is definitely not a bad game at all. I like the graphics throughout, simple but cute. I could have hoped for better weaponry than a chainsaw and a crossbow, but for something short and silly, it was good. I hope the boss turns out alright.

sinaiman responds:

Thanks for the support! We hope the boss programming goes smoothly as well :)

- Reza

Fun game

This was a pretty fun game. Granted, it was essentially a flash version of Tetris Attack, but it was a nice rendition. The graphics look good, the game runs smoothly aside from the cursor being a little sticky at times, and it had a good theme. Nice job!

Good Job

I have to congratulate you, this is very well done. The graphics worked well, the story you set up was well executed, and the sound was perfect. Good luck on the series, man!

Too much work

Sure, if you like MMORPGs where you spend hours upon hours to gain a single level, this game would be fun. But it was just too much time to spend for such little payoff. Besides, it's almost impossible to do that without the walkthrough. I tried the first time without it and spent 20 minutes without getting a single picture and finding myself very bored.

Good start

Well, the engine's still a little buggy and laggy, but you certainly have a start. The fighting is a little mundane though. Find a way to spice this up, get it running smoothly, and keep the character generator because that's cool, and you got something good going for ya.

Fun little game

If the topic of Michael Jackson wasn't so overdone, I would have given it a higher score. However, props on making a nice, working Pac Man (Although at one point, I had five ghosts running around. You may want to fix that bug.)

bigcaot responds:

thanks didnt spot the bug (its about 1 in the morning here) and the mind is less than willing
*hope you enjoyed*

Hey, not bad

That was a pretty good little shooter you got there. Kinda short, not the best graphics, but well done and pretty fun. I liked it.

That was GREAT!

Hey, I played that game for a while and it was awesome! It's obvious that you put some good time into this one. Well done! It was GREAT!

monkokio responds:

thank you, I'm glad our hard work shows.


Well, this is kinda neat. Not particularly entertaining, but fun to mess with for a few minutes. Well done.

FairyOfDoom responds:

Thanks dude, that means alot to me!

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