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Posted by TerdBurgler - June 25th, 2009

I know most people will likely recognize me from my Beach Linda flash, but long before I ever did any amount of animation, I was an artist. Now I personally would qualify myself as a Furry artist, but that's not to say that I exclusively do furry art. I dabble in anime from time to time and even try realism (although I'm never satisfied with the results). Still, I do animations when the inspiration strikes me which isn't as often as I know many of my fans would like.

You can find me on deviantART and FurAffinity,net if you want to see my full galleries (including short animations). I'm only gonna post a handful here.


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All hail, the king of the furs! But really, you have some really nice stuff on here. I think I'll go check out your DeviantArt and Furaffinity account. Glad to see that Furry stuff isn't all you do. As much as I hate to admit it, I'm not a complete perv. >_< (Wait, was I supposed to say that the other way around? ^_^ )

While I may be a self-defined fur, I still enjoy humans. That and I hate to be a one-trick pony. I have a handful of human characters and fanart is always enjoyable to do. And besides, you're only a perv if you think so.


LOL i am a major furry fan:D when i saw ur beach Linda game i loved it ha it never gets old:D cant wait for more:D ur art is also very good:D my friend is always mentioning beach linda to me lol...:D

Nice To Mett You.
My Name Is Rafael.
AnyWay, I Like Your Job

I like my job too. Coding is fun.

I'm in the process of reading Linda Wright and the Wriggling Jungle. The only word I can manage to sputter is, "Awesome..."

You are by far my most favorite artist.

Wow, thanks a lot!

Haha, congrats my man, ur headed straight to the top!
Although I love your work I will offer you some tips(I've only seen NG stuff so far) try to make your things smoother(in Beach Linda she was kinda pointy >.> ) but hey ur farther than I'll probobly get in coding xD

BTW lil' personal to me, but your first artist with 18+ stuff into my favs - take some pride only the good of the good get put in my favs, specially with all the crap ahnging around now'a days can't wait to see more :D

Well, I'm nothing but pleased to hear that. I know what you mean about the pointedness. I've come a long way as an artist since then being that it was almost two years ago now. Happy to see I made the cut though!

With all honesty I'm not a dedicated Fur(arctic wolf ftw though) but I really enjoy your art and the occasonal backstory you put into them. Seraph's World would make a great actual video series but you probably don't have time for that. Sadly most of your art off of NG is limited in how I can view it.(have to restart my computer just to view 1 image of your's on FurAffinity due to weird page programming) I'm really looking foreward to just about anything you're working on.

Well thank you! I'm flattered you like it so much.

dude ur rock at making furry games :D keep up da good work :)

P.S. did u got my PM? =0

I'm a bit of a fur artist myself. I'd show, but I can't scan them right.

Check my page I just got a pic up.

Your art is quite nice, I have to admit.

Love your newest flash, the furry boy in it was adoreable.

Why thank you! I'm glad you liked it.

I've followed you art work for quite a while and i must say it is very god.
Anyway, welcome Newgrounds! Hope you like it here!

i want to know if you can send me this flash to use offline while i am in iraq.

could you do me a faver i dont know if this was already requsted this but could you make agame just like beach linda with the boy from the furry henti?
kinda like a "yaoi fantasy"

Nice to meet cha, im Ryu Kagatio hayabusa, i try my best for my way in life and if you think that YOUR life is crazy, Try living with HALF of your family as ANIMALS and im the only human in the family (Sortof, im a half-demon/werewolf/predator/hellspaw n/Bounty hunter)

I like your art, if I knew you, you would be a cool guy to be arund, and your absolutely addicted to drawing a red fox you have created, you have 2 games and half of your art gallery is based on a red female fox.